I think there are lots of great realtors out there who work hard and want the best for their clients, but there’s only one who is perfect, and that’s Judith Rolfe. In 2012, when I sold my old house (which was during a tough time) she made suggestions about how to improve its appeal that did not require a lot of money and time. We did everything she said, and the house sold in just a few days to a great family who offered more than the asking price. Then, Judith and her incredible assistant, Liz, took care of everything (including meeting with repair and inspection people) until closing.

I was so impressed with Judith and Liz that I used them when wanted to buy a home this year. There was limited inventory in my price range, that didn’t stop them from putting as much effort into my search and offer as they do for people buying enormous houses. In fact, Judith even called me late at night to get me signed up for a down-payment assistance program that she had just found out about. Because of her, I was able to get into this program and could afford a better house. Then on top of that, she was a phenomenal negotiator, and got the sellers to make some significant and expensive improvements to the house as part of the deal. Now we are in a fantastic place with a reasonable mortgage, and it’s all because of Judith.

Throughout the processes of selling and buying, Judith did not candy-coat anything. She gave us the straight scoop. She was clear, knowledgeable, and very practical. She is an excellent negotiator, and your priorities are her priorities. When you are making the biggest financial decisions of your life, it is a profound relief to know that Judith is on your side. I enthusiastically recommend Judith (and Liz) to anyone who needs a realtor. She’s the best!!
— Tigerin Peare Educator at Pacific Crest Community School

Buying a house is, to say the least, stressful. Judith, with her background and her calm, smart and fun disposition is a cure-all for the house-buying blues. I trust her. I like her so much. Hire this woman!
— Becca Claren Independent Writing and Editing Professional

Judith helped us buy our first house back in the early 90’s, when we didn’t have much money.No matter, though: Judith treated us with the same attention, expert manner, and respect as she does with everyone. She works tremendously hard for her clients, and I trust her absolutely.

We worked with Judith again when we decided to move to a bigger house. She listed our house for us after giving us excellent advice about improvements we should make – it sold within a few days – and she also helped us purchase the house that we now own. That purchase was not an easy one because of very difficult sellers, and I can’t imagine navigating those waters without Judith at the helm.

We have been in our house since then and have no plans to move anytime soon, but when we do, we will definitely hire Judith. I recommend her to everyone who needs a real estate agent. She is extremely intelligent, committed, ethical and knowledgeable, and much of her business comes from repeat clients or referrals because she is so skilled (and pleasant to work with)!
— Marie Gettel-Gilmartin Communications Manager

Judith has represented me in five different buying transactions since 2004, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s got expert knowledge and an intuitive feel for the Portland real estate market. She’s got bulldog tenacity and knows how to work with all parties and all personality types to get a deal done. All the while, she’s personable and working hard to keep everyone engaged and satisfied. When/if push comes to shove, Judith has always held strong and negotiated firmly for my interests. What’s more she’s remained available for consultation, contractor references, or just friendly socializing for years after the end of the transactions. In all stage of the home buying process, Judith wont let you down.
— Dan A. Expert Systems Integration Engineer

Working with Judith and Liz has been a fantastic experience. When Judith spends that much time convincing you what house NOT to buy you know that she has your best interests at heart. Liz’s attention to detail and excellent communication made what could have been a very stressful undertaking an absolute pleasure. Throughout the process we joked that nothing was ever going to be good enough for them but in the end their high standards and expertise really paid off and we ended up with a property that far exceeded our expectations — a lovely home in one of Portland’s most coveted neighborhoods.
— Sasha, Jason, and Lee
The team of Judith Rolfe and Liz Lynn gave us the best experience we’ve had in selling and buying our house(s). It all began with a duo-purpose interview to determine what we wanted in the house we would buy next and what we could do to facilitate the sale of the house we then owned. Judith’s questions helped me/us clarify our goals — what neighborhoods did we like? What other neighborhoods would we consider? What was important to us in the house? in the neighborhood, and so on.

They suggested, very wisely as it turned out, that we first sell the house we had and get pre-approval for the next house so that we could make a direct offer rather than a contingent one. Judith and Liz’s suggestions helped open the door to a rapid sale of the house we had. They followed the interest of potential buyers and their realtors, keeping a careful eye (and ear) on what they liked and/or disliked (including the price) about the house.

The property sold within three weeks and we were then in full shopping mode. From the interview Judith and Liz had a good idea of what we wanted and what would suit us. They kept us informed via daily email updates of new property as it came on the market and/or as the house prices changed. They were always willing to arrange showings for us. As we looked at various houses their sharp eyes, their years of experience and realty insight were our best assets. There is always a tension between the ideal house and the real houses on the market, between purchasing a workable house and waiting for the ideal one. They helped us through those tensions until we found just about the ideal house. Their help didn’t end there, however. They gave us great advice on where to go for financing, whom to hire as inspectors, who to turn to for repairs, and so on. I can’t stress enough how important that follow through was for us.
— The Veometts